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February 1, 2008

Now that the holiday season is almost over can I interest you in a few interesting holiday-related statistics?


$859– average Christmas spending per person (down 5% from 2006)

51% – number of shoppers who planned to make holiday purchases from catalogs and other direct marketers (up by 1%)

19% – increase in money  for over the internet (down by 19%)

Source: American Research Group


20 billion – number of pieces of mail the U.S. Postal Service expects to deliver between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Dec. 17th – the busiest mailing day as more than three times the average daily volume of cards and letters should be mailed (more than 275 million versus 82 million).

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

60% – of all seasonal greeting cards are Christmas cards (25% Valentines Day, 4% Mother’s Day)

80%– of all greating cards are purchased by women

20 – the average number of greeting cards received by one person per year (about one-third of which are birthday cards)

Source” Greeting Cards Association

300 million – number of e-cards sent every year (from Hallmark)

10% – increase in traffic to e-card sites in 2007 (from American Greetings)

Source: New York Times

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