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Best Tweets of PodCamp Boston 4 – Day 1

August 8, 2009

Not familiar with PodCamp Boston?

I did not get to review all of the tweets (particularly the ones from early morning) because Twitter Search is still acting up. Based on what I did review PodCamp Boston 4 attendees are not only funny but they are also… funny.  Seriously you are SMART and funny. Great time at PodCamp Boston 🙂


  • ethomsen: Great day at Podcamp , sorry I had to go straight home . Feel like a commuter at a residential college , left out of evening fun! #pcb4
  • LenEdgerly: ..and Best PowerPoint Effect of #pcb4 goes to @MatthewEbel for positioning mics on ancient police mug shot of Bill Gates.
  • garylombardo: Conversation has shifted to wrestling women at the Boston Underground Film Festival at Podcamp4 Boston – too funny #pcb4
  • BeverlyMacy: Bingo! RT @SarahWurrey And how much of it is kittens? 🙂 RT @amaaanda: “YouTube has 13 hours of video uploaded every minute.” #pcb4
  • SarahWurrey: Still reeling from gender discussion. Talking about male privilege in front of men stresses me out a bit! #pcb4
  • rkbalder: You need to be picky about how you waste your time. Susan Pl Joyce #pcb4
  • rawrmeans143: Awesome quote! RT @LenEdgerly “Screw impartiality. Get a Mac.” – @MatthewEbel at #pcb4
  • torlowski: Interesting convo on the grass at #pcb4 and growing every minute..
  • john_blue: #pcb4 quote from session: “Sorry, I couldn’t spell ‘quantative’ (sic) The white board does not have a spell checker.”
  • JeffCutler: Social media hot dog….literally. #pcb4
  • radiofreegeorgy: Thoughts from the bench I am lying on harborside: Having a plane fly directly over you is way cool. #pcb4 #offtopi
  • stevegarfield: Women are talking about issues and men are watching planes fly by. #pcb4
  • saraburson: my new motto RT @SarahWurrey: Best #pcb4 t-shirt I’ve seen so far: “I’m not a blogger I just tweet a lot.” Cracked me up, I am easy.
  • DerekWilmot: Steve is in the circle of love at #pcb4 RT @stevegarfield Podcamp Boston 4 – Outside
  • DiscourseMarker: Disregard my last #pcb4 tweet–I can’t tell time. Docu film session starting now.
  • msmamet: Let’s talk packaging & pricing! Product Marketing in da house at #pcb4 who needs social media?
  • bigd29x: #pcb4 Holy hell, I found a room where the sun is shining, the birds are chirping snd the WiFi is SCREAMING! I’m not moving again…
  • erin_bury: Best saying I’ve ever heard: “Convincing ppl to use social media who don’t want to is like trying to push a noodle uphill” #pcb4
  • banannie: So, is anyone talking about podcasting at podcamp boston? #pcb4


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  1. Roberta Balder permalink
    August 9, 2009 4:53 am

    Thanks for the shout out. The ability to find the humor in a situation is a good indicator that you are thinking outside of the box. PodCamp is/was a great place for out of the box thinking. Thanks to all the participants who make it such an amazing event. I’m looking forward to another great day.

    Thanks to you, Aneta, for recapping some of the more insightful observations!

  2. August 9, 2009 5:46 am

    Great List. Recording of my Kindle discussion yesterday is here.

  3. Aneta Hall permalink*
    August 11, 2009 7:47 am

    Len, I ended up staying past midnight listening to that Kindle session recording. Great conversation and very authentic. I have been using my kindle (the first edition) for several months now. Still miss the feel of paper, but can’t beat the portability. I end up subscribing to several blogs. Disappointed in a way graphs and charts on my kindle look fuzzy and the fact that I cannot bookmark them, but not to the point of paying so much more for the larger screen edition. Keep up the good work!

  4. August 14, 2009 4:43 pm

    I love this: Social media has no value of its own – only the value that people bring to it.

    thanks, Aneta!


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