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Best Social Media for Marketing content Twitter-style from MarketingProf’s Digital Mixer

October 21, 2009

Truly enjoyed my first day at Marketing Prof’s Marketing Digital Mixer. I did not bother taking notes, just tweeted and many of the particiants did the same. What a perfect way to keep one notebook full of great bite-size notes! Tweeps, YOU ROCK!

I also want to recognize MarketingProfs for live streaming portions of their event as well as Matt Grant for live blogging.

DO NOT FORGET to  vote for best ideas from the event I did!


(BTW, I learned how to create this Tweet button from Michael Stelzner’ presentation today)


  • MarketerBlog: Anyone else at #mpdm feel like a SM stalker today? I might have squealed more than once after seeing a “celeb”
  • iamseanmcdonald: New fond term heard at #mpdm “google juice”. Everyone wants the google juice. (I’ll take mine spiked with rum).
  • anwith1n: Talking tech, servers, security… sooooo tech awesome. What do you do when you’re Symantec & acquire a community? #mpdm
  • TravelTrev: The air con here at #mpdm makes me feel like I’m at home in Canada. Where is my touque?
  • bcarroll7: My teenagers think Twitter is stalking. They would never use it. Good reminder to understand your audiences tools. #mpdm
  • anwith1n: Social Media is like a long term relationship, not casual dating #mpdm
  • rhappe: Policy via @britopian but from Sun – “Don’t write what your mother wouldn’t want to read” #mpdm
  • shelleyryan: Lord, I can’t keep up with all of the #mpdm tweets! Such a twalkative crowd we have here in Chicago. 🙂
  • JenKaneCo LinkedIn = social media, in much the same way as Lindsay Lohan = actress. #mpdm
  • tclovescricket: Having lunch and they brought me the vegetarian meal-yaaay! On the scary side, the guy with the white lab coat is close by again. #mpdm #fb
  • mStonerblog: Why oh why oh why am I attending AMA Mktng Higher Ed and missing #mpdm? Can catch parts of it here:, but still!
  • marlaerwin: Hear, hear, Bump trumps bizcards!! RT @JeremyTroxell: Wants to bump with some ppl at the mixer, get ur iPhones out. #mpdm
  • djwaldow: .@skydiver is an absolute nut-job. I love him. He kicks even more tail when he is on stage alone #mpdm – take time to say hi
  • tclovescricket: Peter Shankman just used “Arsenio” as a verb. Wonder how he uses the word “Miley?” #mpdm
  • Techno_Cat: #mpdm RT “Appoint lowest paid employee to manage social media” Soon companies will have BOTS (+Hottie Photo) doing the “Social Media” #bew09
  • alanbr82: Restroom is best for decompressing RT @shelleyryan: – Hmm, must be more careful with placement of signage. #mpdm
  • tclovescricket: I’m officially the oldest guy in a room of about 40 people!yaaaay……. #mpdm
  • anwith1n: I thought @ambercadabra would have more crazy hair #mpdm
  • DannySoule: What is this #mpdm thing. can someone please explain. thx
  • jmamills: @DannySoule#mpdm is the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer happening in Chicago this very minute. Lots of mktg nerds in one place!
  • KaryD: Measurement is like laundry. It piles up the longer you wait to do it. Great analogy from @ambercadabra #mpdm
  • anwith1n: Social Media is like going to the gym everyday to get a hard bod. Trying to crash diet doesn’t work #mpdm
  • djwaldow: Just got shout-out from @AmberCadabra during her session. Does this mean I’ve “made it?” I think so. #mpdm
  • joannalm: Need a breath freshener after lunch? Visit @blueskyfactory booth #mpdm. We have gum! (DJ: We’ll also smile & talk email)
  • Newzworth: how effin’ sweet? I go 2 my companies annual conference, & the MARKETINGPROFS.COM #mpdm conference is exhibiting at the same hotel! score!
  • sandsss: failwhale strikes again! Is it because of #mpdm I wonder?
  • TerraleverGal: @MProfsEvents I think I might have forgotten my liederhosen….Do Bells Count? If so, be there with Bells On #mpdm
  • @KaryD Just set up Bump on my iPhone and am ready to bump my way through happy hour! #mpdm
  • MarketingProfs: – It’s not Oktoberfest til this guy shows up! #mpdm
  • mattchevy: @sonnygill Sonny! Don’t get too crazy tonight – I’ll see you bright and early in the AM! #mpdm
  • hollyannfowler: @kathywarren – Love the term ‘session pimping’. I wasn’t planning on going to that one, but now that it’s been pimped, what the hell! #mpdm
  • tclovescricket: Good news: Found cigars. Bad news: They taste like a bear’s armpit. #mpdm
  • designles: #mpdm made me take the leap and get on twitter


  • jmamills: 89% of consumers feel they should get a response to their inquiry within 24 hours #mpdm
  • jaybaer Don’t put your content behind gates. No registration, no forms, etc. says @mike_stelzner #mpdm
  • halverk: 60% of Americans are using Social Media and 85% feel that a company should interact via #socialmedia #mpdm
  • halverk: Top brands who listen to consumers and act on suggestions from consumers have the highest engagement scores #mpdm
  • MikeBarzacchini: uses closed captioning to help with accessibility but also saw a side benefit in search rankings #mpdm
  • livepath: Instructional posts, how-to’s and interest pieces are much better than direct product pushes in blog posts (or anywhere) #mpdm
  • EkaterinaWalter: 161 million Americans watched online video in August, 2009; 25 bill videos viewed worldwide. #mpdm
  • MJBehrman: #mpdm Check out ZoomInfo. Cool database for people/company finding
  • MariePavlich: its a free tool for monitoring you social presence. write it down. #mpdm
  • anetah: excellent Intel commercial shown in Big Brands in SM session at #mpdm this started gr8 cust convo 4 Intel
  • MariePavlich: Do not take lightly what you do in social media. Don’t abandon the relationship. #mpdm @bcarroll7
  • halverk: Need to create a discussion with your fans on #twitter, followers will not respond to broadcasting #mpdm
  • MJBehrman: @bcarroll7 Agree about campaign fan page. Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop night is a great example #mpdm
  • jmamills: What do you spend all of your time explaining over and over to your customers and partners? Good topics for your video library. #mpdm
  • MikeBarzacchini: Make sure your videos include a call to action at the end: Sign up for email newsletter, download whitepaper, visit your location. #mpdm
  • jaygleaton: People love to retweet lists. Top 10 reasons to… 10 things you need to do to… Instructional video #mpdm
  • RetailEmailBlog: RT @jaybaer: Don’t do one-off videos and just throw them up. Create a series, and have a call to action. #mpdm
  • MikeBarzacchini: “Viral video (and social media) is like ROI: both can only be determined after the fact.” #mpdm
  • anetah: cost/reach 4 @hansensnatural SM campaign 12 cents BUT more import. cust’s talk 2 Hansens as friends now. That’s priceless! #mpdm
  • natanyap: Great reminder from @Dieds: bloggers aren’t journalists, they are passionate advocates. They may need a “managing editor”. #mpdm
  • natanyap: . @Britopian Contests are great for launching programs and products but to sustain a relationship you need a dialog. #mpdm
  • MJBehrman: Good to remember the basics: power of video is forwardability. Social=Sharing; Sharing=Social. EOS #mpdm
  • bcarroll7 Dont take #socialmedia lightly; once you start the relationship you need to keep the love flowing #mpdm
  • StephanieSAM: Is the concept of a “front page” of a website completely dead? Comm. & search have transformed entry & engagement. #mpdm
  • mattChevy: “Video is less about spectacle and much more about telling a story” #mpdm
  • jaybaer: If you use any video format other than .flv you’re losing 40-60% of your audience. #mpdm
  • livepath: Watching Bob Taylor (taylor guitars) response to United Breaks guitars vid. SMART !!! Meanwhile @unitedairlines – nuthin. yeah. #mpdm
  • MikeBarzacchini: Measuring Web video: Connect the dots: views, comments, links to Web page, transactions. #mpdm
  • Dieds advice: don’t be a twitter snob, particularly if you are a brand. Follow consumers back #mpdm
  • britopian link to Intel’s social media guidelines document #mpdm
  • halverk: Twitter has created an expectation of an immediate response from a brand #mpdm
  • EkaterinaWalter: 16 million photos to use, just give attribution: #mpdm
  • westerad: Old world: brands created and reinforced on TV, mass media; New world: brands created and reinforced on Google, Facebook, etc. #mpdm
  • Dieds When yr home page goes fr being billboard 2 destination for discussion your Google juice goes through the roof.
  • jaygleaton Assume whoever gets to your blog is there accidentally so make it clear what you do on the top of the page. #mpdm
  • jmamills: Have you seen “unboxing” videos? Ppl filming themselves opening the boxes containing your product and sharing their excitement. #mpdm
  • anetah: “email-to-social” share button KEY to help others make viral buzz using email content #mpdm
  • MariePavlich: @Dieds Don’t send your blogs/tweets from internal team through PR/mkt. Your conversation needs to be genuine #mpdm
  • MikeBarzacchini: “help people find your stuff”: search engines love text, use description fields, tag well/tag often, inbound links, put url in frame #mpdm
  • JenKaneCo #mpdm LinkedIn has come a long way in the past 6 months. The communities are much stronger and more qual. than Facebook.
  • andrewspoeth: Online communities… Fish where the fish are. Corporate sites are becoming irrelevant. (@britopain) #mpdm
  • natanyap: Critical reminder from @bcarroll7: we are no longer in charge of our brand. Conversations are shaping brands today. #mpdm
  • CBWhittemore: #mpdm B2B very exciting space for relationship building with social media says @bcarroll7
  • MikeBarzacchini: Ron Ploof: Integrate. Don’t duplicate. What story can you tell with video that the press release can’t tell. #mpdm
  • jaygleaton: Who wants to do a blog and who has time to do it are important ?s. Readers will be able to tell if you are just doing “homework” #mpdm
  • CBWhittemore: #mpdm Don’t ghost write says @Dieds. Avoid intern syndrome says @bcarroll7 Need authentic belief & understanding of brand so can interact
  • jmamills: Keep your videos short – avg. length is 3.7 mins #mpdm
  • Matt_Genius: #mpdm When you jump into social media, have passion and an opinion- Writing is easy. Knowing what to write is the hard part
  • DavidBThomas: B2B or B2C, the Bs are all people. Give them content that’s useful to them in the way they want it. #mpdm
  • jaybaer Don’t put your content behind gates. No registration, no forms, etc. says @mike_stelzner #mpdm
  • anwith1n: Own your actions – apologize for mistakes and ask for forgiveness. The community forgives #mpdm
  • jaybaer: Don’t build your whole social media strategy on rented land (facebook, YouTube) – @ronploof #mpdm
  • jaybaer: Bingo! @ronploof quotes @cc_chapman “the quality in the video is more important than the quality of the video” #mpdm
  • anwith1n: How do you deal w/ negative comments? By figuring out the problem & addressing it [w/ grace & class] #mpdm (Amen!)
  • mattChevy “Your blog is your mothership. Don’t neglect it for lesser tools” #mpdm
  • Matt_Genius: #mpdm if video killed the radio star and the web is killing print, what does social media mean to blogs and pic sites?
  • StephanieSAM: Peter Shankman at #mpdm – we are responsible for our own level of Twitter/Blogging mediocrity. The art of Twitter is in the RT.
  • sharonmostyn: Determine what to Tweet by asking yourself, “Is this valuable to someone other than me?” via @skydiver #mpdm
  • jaybaer Media doesn’t kill each other off, the game just shifts – @scottros #mpdm
  • pchaney: “the art of twitter lies in the retweet.” Peter shankman #mpdm
  • MariSmith Our job has evolved into providing such STELLAR customer service that our customers go out & do our PR for us @skydiver #mpdm
  • TravelTrev: #mpdm posts, tweets etc need to avoid mediocrity. I agree! I DO NOT need to know you are “eating breakfast” or “sleeping”.
  • marianbwood: RT @KaryD Put the social media reigns into hand of “lowest paid employee who can spell”? SAY what? Bad idea, IMO. #mpdm
  • DavidBThomas: Facebook’s biggest limitation is it has no concept of the relevance of your relationships. All are equal, says @skydiver #mpdm
  • marismith: I brought my Poken to BlogWorld #bwe09 last week and #mpdm today ~ happy to zap Pokens with ya! @skydiver raving about them!!
  • MarketingProfs: How 2 start in SM (by @sernovitz): Post someone in front of browser 2 say “thank u” & “I’m sorry. Let me fix it.” #mpdm
  • BethHarte: @sernovitz just gave us all candy as part of his keynote…that’s how you start word of mouth. (do somethin remarkable) #mpdm
  • jmamills: Andy Sernovitz says you shouldn’t beat your customer to a new platform. Go where they are talking about you. #mpdm
  • marismith: Analogy for future of social networks = lava lamp heat that makes you rise to the top is RELEVANCE @skydiver #mpdm
  • MarketingHits: #mpdm Customer service BEFORE snail mail or call – Customer service TODAY call / email / twitter / facebook / text ….
  • tjopr: #mpdm Content is king is social media. If you’re a better writer than your competition, you’ll be successful.
  • SpiderDesign: #mpdm – Relationships in social media will be ruined if you’re trying to direct sell followers.
  • marismith: “1) Honesty first. 2) Don’t cross the line. 3) If you have to ask, the answer’s no.” @sernovitz on word of mouth ethics #mpdm
  • anetah SM “no no’s” for large brands: ghost writing (thanks @Dieds), don’t be afraid to admit U failed (thanks @Britopian) #mpdm
  • rhappe: From 6 chanels for mrktg in the 80s to 30+ today is creating big operational changes for marketing and brands #mpdm
  • anetah: email + Social Media activation = powerful combo for engagement. Chicago Conv. & Tourism Bureau gets it! #mpdm
  • MarketingProfs: “Don’t be a fast follower [of new technology].. You don’t want to beat your customers there.” – @sernovitz #mpdm
  • TravelTrev: #mpdm “Creating brand advocates is as import as creating brand awareness”. Seems obvious to me but will still need to convince others.
  • markeber: RT @jaybaer: Social media portability and relationship relevance is the future of social media says @skydiver (I completely agree) #mpdm
  • MJBehrman: Social media IMPACTS sales, it doesn’t GENERATE sales @ambercadabra #mpdm
  • sharonmostyn: RT @StephanieSAM You stick with yourself even if you change jobs. Your personal brand via social marketing precedes the professional. #mpdm
  • CliffKinard: “Automation is an online relationship killer” from @wholefoods Twitter leader! #mpdm
  • EkaterinaWalter: Pick 1-3 metrics (u cannot measure it all); the true goal of measurements 2 learn something and do smthing w/this info – @AmberCadabra #mpdm
  • natanyap: Knowing your brand & being passionate about biz are critical to success in social media says @bcarroll7. #mpdm
  • anwith1n: Impact vs. Cause – Social Media impacts ROI, not necessarily causes $$$ #mpdm
  • melissa9878: “A corporate social media policy should be a living document.” @hobbayi Should never be static. #mpdm
  • joguerra: Your employees are your brand #mpdm
  • MackCollier: Razorfish asks its employees ‘Why are you not on Twitter?’ and provides SM guidelines to employees #mpdm
  • MackCollier: Instead of fearing what employees will Tweet, Razorfish asks ‘what can we learn from what they tweet?’ #mpdm (most RTs
  • alexpoulos: “I don’t care what tool you use; there is no silver bullet in social media measurement. It needs hard work.” @ambercadabra #mpdm
  • anwith1n: You can’t automate insight / analysis, just data gathering & visualizations #mpdm
  • mattchevy: “Humility and honesty go a long way in the world of social media” #mpdm
  • SJAbbott: RT @jaybaer: Not fearing what employees Tweet, Razorfish asks ‘what can we learn from tweet?’ #mpdm <– Trust builds culture. Nice.
  • jaygleaton: Develop a crisis in social media plan to deal with mistakes appropriately. #mpdm
  • jaybaer: Scotts lawn care email has 355 unique versions, each tweaked for the grass, climate, etc. in your location. Relevancy wins. #mpdm
  • catpoetry: @AmberCadabra w/ @radian6 says listening is the most Critical for sustainable social media engagement at #mpdm. Good stuff.
  • StephanieSAM: Participate first, ask later. A key to successful social marketing. It’s not a tactic, it’s a commitment. Thanks @ambercadabra #mpdm
  • DavidBThomas: Facebook’s biggest limitation it doesn’t reflect relationship relevance. All are equal, says @skydiver #mpdm
  • ChanaNDT: #mpdm social media isn’t something you just show up and get the credibility you want – it’s something you have to earn and work up to.
  • halverk: In social media “not everything worth measuring is measurable” #mpdm @kedwardson
  • MackCollier: @Ramon_DeLeon ‘my competitors weren’t using social media, but my customers were’ #mpdm
  • MackCollier: @Ramon_DeLeon uses to see what Dominoes customers are saying within a 10 mile radius of his stores #mpdm
  • CBWhittemore: @Ramon_DeLeon has created video apologies to cusotmers. Wow! #mpdm
  • Eric_Hoffman: Like how @ScottsLawnCare uses user submitted photos at the top of their consumer emails. #mpdm
  • thetylerhayes Appoint UR employee who is most passionate in engaging in dialogue w/ SM communities. #mpdm * Chief Listener
  • amargello: Socialmarketing is a listening platform first, not a broadcast channel Focus on content #mpdm
  • halverk: In social media “not everything worth measuring is measurable” #mpdm @kedwardson (great quote) #mpdm
  • mattChevy: “Humility and honesty go a long way in the world of social media” #mpdm
  • SpiderDesign: If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you won’t find it. When you do engage, remain relevant. #mpdm (Thanks Scotts guy!)
  • StephanieSAM: Visit for case studies of social marketing #mpdm (via @ambercadabra)
  • halverk: If you are waiting for the perfect time to participate – you won’t find it. #mpdm
  • MitziThomas: Scotts’ call center sits on the editorial team because they know what issues customers care about and will react to. Great idea. #mpdm
  • jaybaer: Scotts Lawn Care makes sure call center and other partners know when emails are going out, & what’s in them. @kedwardson is sharp. #mpdm (highly RTed)
  • DavidBThomas: Participant comment: ad agencies don’t care about social media because they can’t figure out how to get their 15 percent. #mpdm
  • anwith1n: growth percentages of 5-12% in social media seems to be the sweet spot – depends on your resources #mpdm
  • jmamills: Statistics show that folks doing Digital Marketers have an average of 2 years of experience in this area – @joelbook #mpdm
  • @BethHarte: What are ppl doing wrong with social media? 1. Letting interns run it. 2. Broadcasting, rather than listening. #mpdm
  • jmamills: 247 billion emails are sent each day in 2009 (via @blueskyfactory) – whoa. #mpdm
  • bcarroll7: Interesting – most people in room using their Facebook profiles mostly for personal use, not for business use. @marismith #mpdm
  • bcarroll7: People using Facebook on Mobile are much more active than those using FB on the web. #mpdm @marismith
  • kevin_duffy: Recurring theme at social media conf is an old mkt truth…know your cust and find out what they want 2 hear, not what u want 2 say #mpdm
  • jaybaer: Reduce landing page content/distractions to maximize conversion rates #mpdm
  • (lots of RTs)
  • Ramon_DeLeon: #1 reason for social media failure- no social media plan @marismith #mpdm (lots of RTs on this one)
  • kellipoliska: Not much difference between B2B and B2C at the end of the day we’re all human beings looking for great products/services #mpdm
  • halverk: Every action on a landing page represents a distraction – for your campaign page remove the distractions. #mpdm
  • Eric_Hoffman: No excuses for emails that don’t render in a users email inbox the way that they should, need to test b4 sending – @gregcangialosi #mpdm
  • tjopr: #mpdm at @marismith discussion abt Fbook success. Formula: quality network + good content + consistency + passion = profitable relationships
  • Matt_Genius: RT @MariSmith: 1) Honesty first. 2) Don’t cross the line. 3) If you have to ask, the answer’s no. @sernovitz on word of mouth ethics #mpdm
  • StephanieSAM: Use links strategically placed at 140 characters in your FB Fan page updates, link to Twitter, bring fans back to FB @marismith #mpdm
  • anetah: Starbucks a leader on FB for brands often talks in first person in their posts. Making it personal KEY for brands frm @MariSmith #MPDM
  • Eric_Hoffman: A welcome email letter has the highest open rate of any email that gets sent – @gregcangialosi #mpdm (I think this one got the most RTs!)
  • DaveCharest: Yes please. RT @jaybaer: Reduce landing page content/distractions to maximize conversion rates #mpdm
  • jmamills: 37.4% of email subscribers say they receive too much email than they expected when they signed up (via @blueskyfactory) #mpdm
  • Eric_Hoffman: The tighter the segmentation for your email lists, the longer people will stay subscribed. – @gregcangialosi #mpdm
  • TravelTrev: Test test test! #mpdm – put in the time & test your landing pages. Optimization results can be huge.
  • StephanieSAM: Want to build a FB Fan page? Start by asking Why? (what to say, what value provide, who will find value, how will you reach them) #mpdm
  • bcarroll7: Events have huge opportunities to be promoted with Facebook, use to help track @amyporterfield #mpdm
  • MitziThomas: If you want to improve landing page conversions, you need an effective and fast way to test. #mpdm
  • @TravelTrev: Test test test! #mpdm – put in the time & test your landing pages. Optimization results can be huge.
  • StephanieSAM: You can only have one personal profile, but you can have many FB Fan pages – @marismith (SAM: caution to balance brand, value) #mpdm
  • anetah: don’t forget that yr FB posts can (and should) be optimized for search. But remember you must write FOR HUMANS not for robots #mpdm
  • paulisalazar: siguiendo twitteos de #mpdm desde Chile
  • sandsss: Must check out ion interactive landing page tools. Baffled with how someone can create +1000 landing pages!! Where do I sign up? #mpdm
  • anetah: . @MariSmith recommends They provide both free and paid FB apps #mpdm
  • kellipoliska: Give the horse the carrot – make landing pages and calls to action easy to figure out #mpdm
  • marlaerwin: Surprising how many people still don’t list their Twitter names on their business cards. #mpdm

MISC. (but should not be missed)

  • kevin_duffy: Only in the second session of the day at #mpdm and am VERY happy I came
  • alvinthethird: There is serious knowledge being dropped at #mpdm. Anyone interested in SM, marketing should be checking it out.
  • marismith: As a speaker I gotta put @skydiver into same category as @garyvee: UBER passionate, funny, entertaining, savvy & no bull!! #mpdm
  • damphoux: not sure I agree with @razorfish comment about not tweeting anything personal. that takes something away for me #mpdm
  • MitziThomas: I think I’ve just become a fan of the Scotts brand based on Kip Edwardson’s presentation on social media. #mpdm
  • jaybaer: @halverk I agree. This would be incredible if we had a Wave for #mpdm Next year!
  • rhappe: Just got the nicest unsolicited email from someone who finds my blog valuable… now *that* is a good tactic to get my attention #mpdm
  • marketingrenee: was wowed by Ramon DeLeon of Dominos at the Marketing Profs Digital Mixer. #mpdm
  • swaynette: I’d be very curious to learn the metrics associated with live blogs from #mpdm. Is there really a good response other than attendees?
  • BrandRanter: I am in awe of how fast people at #mpdm can type and tweet while watching the presentations
  • jmamills: Interesting: @MarketingSherpa data is getting a lot of love in the presentations at the @MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer #mpdm.
  • CharityHisle: For everyone wondering: Chicago is GREAT! Case Studies, real answers, no ‘fluff’! #mpdm
  • B_Donnelly: Finally the tamagotchi of social media. I give you #poken! These things are awesome, buying one tonight. Thanks #mpdm
  • MitziThomas: My second MarketingProfs conference this year. The first one was so good, I brought four coworkers to this one. Love this stuff. #mpdm
  • DavidBThomas: Hey folks, don’t forget to tip Nancy the bartender. #mpdm

If I did not include your tweet or event-related content sorry about that, but feel free to add it in comments. Thanks.

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  1. October 22, 2009 12:51 pm

    Thanks very much for making the effort to put up these tweets. I saw just a few minutes of the conference on the live stream and the rate of the tweets going by on the side screen meant that I couldn’t read them all, let alone take any notes! So this summary is great. Thanks again John.

  2. October 23, 2009 1:37 am

    Yeah I agree with John. I couldn’t keep up either and thought the tweets were lost forever. Thanks! Dave

  3. October 25, 2009 10:10 am

    Thanks for collecting all of these Aneta! (And so great to have you there!) See you soon (I hope!)

  4. October 31, 2009 7:04 pm

    Thank you, this article help me

  5. November 7, 2009 9:15 pm

    good article… 🙂
    I would come back to read your post again next time.

  6. November 8, 2009 8:23 am

    great article 😀

  7. November 9, 2009 8:44 am

    This is very interesting, I had had no idea this was going on, thanks for the tip!

  8. November 12, 2009 12:34 am

    Fantastic collecting of #MPDM tweets, Aneta!! You ROCK! 🙂


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