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Blogging for marketing and communication profs

May 1, 2011

I recently had a chance to talk to a group of Public Relations professionals about blogging. Although I did multiple “Intro. to Blogging” talks in the past couple of years I needed to pause and really think about this one. PR folks don’t need training on how to communicate (heck, they can be my teachers on this topic), but what they need is a clear understanding on how to adjust their writing style for blogging success including understanding differences in blogging goals, audience, content and most importantly tone.

Blogging vs. marcom writing

Blogging vs. marcom writing - what's the difference?

The anatomy of a blog post (aka writing for the web)

Starting with a great blog post title and finishing with a call to action great blog posts have a specific anatomy. BTW, I’ve used one of the posts from the HubSpot blog  because I believe they are doing a superb job illustrating all of my blog anatomy points AND I highly recommend for great insights about marketing automation.

Anatomy of a great blog post - left side

tips on constructing your blog post title

  1. Make a bold statement
    “Why your blog doesn’t need an audience of thousands”
  2. Make a confession or tell a secret
    “5 confessions of a worker turned workaholic”
  3. Identify a problem and hint at unusual solution
    “Want 1,000 blog subscribers? Just INVENT them”
  4. Appeal to search engines
    “Ten ways to fix your Google reputation & remove negative results”
  5. Don’t be too vague
    NOT THIS –> “Learning to listen”
    BUT THIS  –> “Learning to listen – how the “glue guy” helps your customer communications shine”

Anatomy of a great blog post - right side

Want to see both the left and the right side of the blog anatomy image?

Frequently asked blogging questions

  •  How often should I blog?
    Rule of thumb is for a blog to have an entry no less than every 10 days.
    Remember though that blogs with multiple authors are the best way to distribute the work. Use a blogging calendar to keep on track and assign writing blog posts to individuals ahead of time.

    example of a blogging calendar

  • How long should my blog be?
    There is no perfect length to a blog post. Rather than counting characters concentrate on getting your message out succinctly yet effectively. Pay attention to scannability of your text by breaking long passages into short paragraphs with headers, inserting bullets and using images to add visual interest.
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