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How to spruce up your Social Media 101 presentations

August 4, 2011

I am in the process of talking to a whole bunch of social media practitioners-in-training about the value of social media and I am constantly looking for ways to spruce up these Social Media 101 presentation aside from just having a bunch of PowerPoint slides to walk folks through. Here are some ways I broke the monotony of “death by PPT slides”



You cannot go wrong energizing your participants with some upbeat music & cleverly along with visuals. Here are the powerful three I keep on using over and over

Social Media Revolution  -the basics – use these powerful stats to explain the basics concept behind social media


Social Media Revolution in Business – yes, it has the powerful ROI stats there


Social Media for Marketers – short and sweet (and narrated by a guy with a cute British accent 🙂



What will make folks remember important concepts better than laughing at others doing it wrong! Here are a couple great social media cartoons that work well to illustrate basic social media concepts

Lack of Social Media Strategy  – shared by Valeria Maltoni


Engagement in Social Media -courtesy of Tom Fishburne



Prezi rocks!

I have used this powerful spacial way of focus users attention on several occasions to present concepts without relying on a linear style that PowerPoint forces you to stick to. Here is my “blogging for communicators” presentation designed in prezi:

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